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3 asanas for thin waist and elastic buttocks

Do these 3 exercises for a minute a day - and in a month your figure will become more feminine and sleeker.

Do these 3 exercises for a minute every day - and in a month your silhouette will become thinner and sexier. But do not feel sorry for yourself: for an obvious result, it is worth changing your lifestyle. At least like this: 12 steps to lose weight by the new year.

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana. This asana will help maintain the good condition of the liver and intestines, it will become easier for your body to cope with the incoming food.

    Performance: Sit on the mat, bend the left leg at the knee and place the left heel under the right buttock. Point your right knee towards the ceiling. Twist the fingers of your hands and grab the right lower leg with your palms. Gradually, with an exhalation, turn the body to the right, to the extreme comfortable position. At the same time, try to direct your gaze even further behind your back. After a minute, change your legs.

  2. Dhanurasana. This asana makes beautiful chest lines, removes fat from the waist and hips and gradually makes the buttocks more sculptural. This asana very well affects those who suffer from their negative minds and collects prana in the navel center, making the person more collected.

    Performance: Lie on your stomach, bend your knees, and, gently lifting the body, grab your ankles with your hands. Keep your feet parallel to the floor. Try to pull the legs as high as possible. Breathe deeply, head slightly forward.

  3. Paschimottanasana. This exercise is one of the main exercises in yoga practice. It stretches the back of the thighs and back, very well relaxes and tones digestion, burns fat on the waist and hips and contributes to the stretching of the vital nerve.

    Performance: sit on the mat, stretching your legs in front of you. With your hands move the buttocks so that you sit on the sciatic bones. With a slow exhale, lean forward, keeping your back as straight as possible.

Remember that yoga works best when you have a strong enough intention. Do something good for yourself: for example, drink more clean water or add walks. Be persistent and patient, and then not only your appearance, but also the internal state will become more harmonious.

Photo: tyseemarie / instagram.com