10 steps to the future: how to start changing life right now

A new reflection in the mirror you will see in a couple of months.

Often we look for causes of dissatisfaction with life in the outside world. The obstacles to happiness are an evil boss, poor ecology, bad luck, lack of money and a lot of other things. And here we are complaining about an unjust world, instead of changing something in ourselves. Yoga teaches exactly this - to return to yourself, change, and then observe how the world happily accepts these changes. Why not start this summer? Here they are - ten steps that will help to change life for the better.

  1. Specify. So you are ready for a change. Fine. Now answer yourself a simple question: what exactly do you want to change in your life? Answer and write down - in detail, by points. What exactly does not suit you? What will you gain if your life really changes? Or maybe something to lose? Do this job carefully and as honestly as possible. There may be very interesting surprises. A plan of change is needed, otherwise you just won’t know where to go.
  2. Take care of your body. A healthy, full of energy body - the basis for any changes. Only half an hour of training per day increases the level of endorphins several times, and endorphins are a joy. Difficult exercises and intensive Hatha yoga classes are not suitable for everyone. But believe me: for everyone, even a special occasion, you can choose the right system of exercises. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to finding the right activity, and it is better to ask the professionals to make your individual training plan.
  3. Find a hobby. Right now, take a piece of paper and write everything you dreamed of doing and didn’t find time for. Dancing? Needlework? The photo? Now leave only what you are willing to devote at least three days a week. And just do it. So a hobby will become a habit, and a good mood will be with you even when you switch to less pleasant things. Then you will definitely learn a new hobby at a high level and will certainly want more. Who knows, maybe this is the most direct path to a new life.
  4. Become a pro. Favorite work is the most devoted friend you can find. So right now find a cause in which you would like to develop yourself for many years. To do this, answer yourself three questions: What am I willing to do, even if I will not pay for it? What can I do really well? What makes me get up off the couch or beach lounger while on vacation? Once you find the business of your life, become a professional in it. Constantly look for sources of new information, enroll in advanced training courses, read professional books and articles, and communicate closely with colleagues.
  5. Bring things to the end. How much new energy you will discover in yourself as soon as you clear the list of unfinished business! Each of them, even not very important, pulls juices out of us. Until these matters are completed, we feel inadequate and, with anxiety and tension, we undertake new projects. It is the incompleteness in the past - the cause of the feeling of constant lack of time. So write down all the "tails" on paper and hang the list in a prominent place. Complete and delete.
  6. Define your boundaries. A person needs a person, but very often we violate our own and others' borders, and this is fraught with stresses and conflicts. These simple actions will change your relationship with yourself and others: without embarrassment, keep with people the distance that is comfortable for you - physically and emotionally; clear space for work and play right now; settle down comfortably and maintain order in the workplace; accept advice and help only when necessary, live the experience of independence. Try a meditation that helps you feel your boundaries. Lie on the floor, close your eyes. Slowly breathe. Gently walk the attention throughout the body, feel it holistically. Mentally go beyond the body; with your inner eye, consider the room, the house in which you are meditating. Go outside, expand to the size of a district, city, planet - as far as your attention and imagination are capable of. Now go back to yourself. True, an interesting experience?
  7. Travel. Try to go somewhere alone, even if it is a nearby city. Keep a travel diary, write down all thoughts and observations. This will help to listen to yourself and revise the system of values. New ideas that came in a new environment, most likely want to bring to life. Just give yourself the opportunity to change plans for the trip, try the food and enjoy communicating with the locals. One little trip can change life forever.
  8. Do little good deeds. If you want dramatic changes for the better - accumulate around yourself positive. Here is a simple and very powerful practice for working with heart chakra. Buy a bag of peanuts, count 12 nuts and put in your pocket. Your task is to do 12 good deeds in a day. Translate the grandmothers across the road, remove the kittens from the trees, just make compliments to colleagues. And every time you finish a job, throw a nut like sowing seeds of good. Continue to do good deeds and at home - give gifts to relatives and friends for no reason. Very soon you will notice that there are more positive things around.
  9. Discover the creator. Do something with your own hands. Anyway, the main thing is the feeling that you are capable of creating. Let the opportunity of change into your life. For this it is enough just to go to work every day a new way. Or brush your teeth with your other hand. For example, invent new ways to make breakfast. You yourself will not notice how you will discover the creator in yourself and you will want to change the decor of the apartment, assemble a new closet and paint the walls in a bright color. Be bold!
  10. Grow together. Know the story of Henry Ford? When he invented the new engine, no one believed in the undertaking, except his wife. Many years later, the successful and famous Ford was asked what he would like to become if he could live his life anew. He replied: "I don't care. The main thing is that my wife is next to me." When changes come into your life, you really want to share with someone a new experience. Let it be a loved one. Therefore, discuss new ideas and plans together now, dream together, study together, support and believe in each other.
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