3 ways to get yourself on the mat and do yoga

An article for those who scroll through the news feed instead of spreading the mat and practicing.

There are only two ways in which we interact — on the rug and beyond — as a "yes" or "no." “Yes” carries the energy of opportunity. "No" carries the energy of resistance.

"No" slows us down or stops us. It is common for people in general to resist the new in order not to face setbacks. Instead of risking looking bad, we sacrifice what we want. "No" takes the form of excuses, complaints, postponing for tomorrow, dissatisfaction.

We are always in this "yes" and "no" dance. If you say yes to something, then automatically you say no to everything else. And if you can't say no, then your no means nothing.

If you say "yes" to the world, then say "no" to the war. If you say “yes” to a healthy body, then say “no” to drugs and “junk food”. If you say “yes” to full acceptance in your relationship, then say “no” to the habit of criticizing and trying to change your loved one. Saying “yes” to growth, we thereby say “no” to postponement for tomorrow and stagnation.

"Yes" expresses our desire to declare our strength and use it to find the true meaning of the word "commitment." “Yes” confirms our intention to study when you do not have the skills to get where you want.

These 3 steps will help you overcome inert matter:

  1. Believe and know that you are ready right now.. Right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not sometime in the future.
  2. Give up what you need to give up. Discard all those stories that you came up with about your potential. Give up the idea that everything that is happening in your body and mind should not happen. Give up condemnation, fear, anxiety. What you unexpectedly encounter is not a violation of your flow, but rather a part of it. If it distracts and captures you, just let it go and start again, and let the energy “yes” carry you forward.
  3. Become the epitome of yes. Shift your attention to what you want to happen and say to that one hundred percent "yes." Resistance often manifests itself in the form "I am so reluctant to do this now." So what does it take to be "yes" in the space of "no"? We need to rise above this "no." Remind yourself again and again that you say yes. Say “yes” to release resistance, to follow your highest goal - both in practice and in life.
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