Question to the expert

Is it possible to start practicing asanas without mastering pit and niyama

The creator of the Apnea Yoga system is responsible, Alexander Dudov.

Yama and Niyama should not be regarded as strict prohibitions or vows, like monastic ones. These are universal, and therefore the most optimal principles of behavior and human interaction practices with themselves and the world. They are based on wisdom, which is born from a long and deliberate practice.

Our movement on the steps of yoga is not a sequential process, but simultaneous in all 8 (ashtanga) directions. The behavior pattern based on the pit and niyama will be developed by the practitioner not at the expense of blindly following the instructions.

Thoughtful and conscious work with the body, the breath and the mind during the practice of the asana will eventually reveal to you the profound benefit of applying these rules.

Therefore, take the path of knowledge today: start with your body and breath and be aware of everything that happens. This will be the beginning of the transformation of your life.

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