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Is it true that heeled shoes are better than flat shoes?

Marat Kalmurzaev, traumatologist-orthopedist of the World Class club network, answers.

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Marat Kalmurzaev

Marat Kalmurzaev, orthopedic surgeon, World Class club network.

Everything is good in moderation. Of course, as a traumatologist-orthopedist, I will not recommend wearing high-heeled shoes: such a small element of style, and harm brings the whole body. The feet are particularly affected - numerous joints are chronically injured, the ligamentous apparatus is overloaded and malfunctioning, the calf muscles and the tendons of the triceps muscle of the lower leg become very tight. The center of gravity of the whole body is also shifted, there is a redistribution of muscular work towards unnatural overload of the muscles of the lower leg, lower back and even the neck.

As a coach, I recommend not to abuse wearing shoes with heels. In everyday life, to use comfortable, high-quality shoes with a shock-absorbing sole and orthopedic insoles, to do general and special exercises for the feet from the Pilates method, which allow you to learn how to walk in heels correctly. Such exercises teach how to correctly use the muscles and motor stereotypes, making the walk easy and the posture beautiful.

A small heel is still necessary for proper load distribution and foot depreciation. The height depends on the height and length of the legs, but usually varies between 2-4 cm. Alternatively, you can divide the length of the foot in centimeters by 7 and the heel height is optimal - orthopedists sometimes use this formula.